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  • Large food production company, Oxfordshire

    This business needs to be fully staffed every day in order to fulfil its production commitments – and any shortfall can be very costly.

    We began helping the business cope with its peak requirements in 2003, often delivering up to 80 temporary workers a day. A large number of the company’s full time staff in its production facility were once our temps, demonstrating the quality of labour we have been able to provide over the years.

    ‘Rapid regularly achieve fulfilment numbers in excess of 97% against our requirements,’ says the company’s Factory General Manager, ‘and are more often than not able to cover late orders in the event of sickness or absence of our own staff.’

    The transport we provide for our workers has opened up a pool of labour for the business that it would not previously have had access to. ‘Being in a rural location with limited public transport, this continues to be vital in helping us to attract temporary workers who then quite often go on to accept permanent positions,’ says the General Manager. ‘Rapid Personnel is our supplier of choice for production staff.’

  • Distribution company, Abingdon

    This business needs up to 100 temps at any one time – a challenge it was finding difficult to meet.

    We have supplied staff to the business since 2002. ‘The relationship that has developed during this time has been built on trust, approachability, and supplier performance,’ says the General Manager.

    ‘Our needs have always been catered for efficiently and effectively and staff have always been available as and when required,’ the General Manager explains.

    ‘We have found the workers supplied by Rapid to be polite, pleasant, and also very hard working. We have been so impressed with many of the employees that, in agreement with Rapid, we have subsequently employed certain individuals on a permanent basis.’

  • Third party logistics business, Abingdon

    During peak seasons this business has to fulfil very high volume, fast turnaround packaging jobs.

    We have been providing temporary staff (pickers, packers, and forklift truck drivers) since 2004.

    ‘Having experienced the excellent service, dedication, and quality of staff supplied, I have no hesitation in contacting them for any peak season projects,’ says the business’s Operations Manager.

    ‘I have found the expertise and industry knowledge of all Rapid Personnel’s operational staff invaluable during the volatile periods that the 3PL industry is subject to. Their ability to respond at short notice and provide a consistently high level of service has proved critical to the smooth running of our business.’

  • Engineering business, south Oxfordshire

    During the latter part of 2004 the business experienced a large increase in orders from some of its major clients, creating a need for additional temporary labour which its existing agency could not fulfil to an acceptable standard.

    The business decided to work with us to provide high quality staff in its engineering and warehouse departments.

    ‘Our client’s requirements would have been very difficult to honour had it not been for Rapid’s expertise,’ says the business’s director. ‘We have continued to work with Rapid Personnel on a regular basis since 2004 and whole-heartedly recommend them to other companies with a requirement for engineering labour.’

  • Food production company, Berkshire

    This large food production business based on the edge of a small town needed over 100 temporary employees per day and was finding recruitment a challenge.

    As an external supplier, we brought a fresh pair of eyes. We were not only able to recommend some of the successful practices we had previously implemented with other clients, we also introduced strategies that were unique to the client. At the same time, our transport service has allowed the client to access a much larger pool of staff.

    ‘The office-based staff at Rapid are a pleasure to deal with, and they are always open and honest in their approach,’ says the client’s HR manager. ‘We have a dedicated account manager who looks after our daily requirements, and I am comfortable knowing I can speak directly with senior management should the need arise to discuss more strategic or sensitive matters.’

    Our approach has not only kept temporary staffing fulfilment levels consistently above 95% but also helped the client to fill numerous permanent vacancies. ‘Over 90% of the temporary staff introduced by Rapid who have accepted permanent roles with our company, have gone on to successfully complete their probationary period,’ says the HR manager.

    ‘In a short space of time, Rapid have established themselves as our staffing supplier of choice and given my experience working with them, I highly recommend them as a business partner.’

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  • We have found the workers supplied by Rapid to be polite, pleasant, and also very hard working.

  • The relationship that has developed has been built on trust, approachability, and supplier performance.

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