Understanding the UK’s new immigration rules

The UK government has recently announced its proposals for immigration reform due to be implemented from 1st January 2021. These changes will directly affect low skilled labour from Europe and will make it much more difficult to relocate to the UK for employment if you are going to earn less than £26,500 per year.

Branded as an “Australian-style point system”, the scheme requires migrants to collect 70 points.

50 of these come from “essential” criteria:

  • Speaking English
  • Having a job offer
  • Being above a “skills threshold”

There are only four routes to gain the remaining 20 points and they cannot be traded off against each other.

  • Migrants can earn above a salary threshold — £26,500 for most workers
  • Have a PhD in a relevant field to their job
  • Have a PhD in any field and meet a slightly lower salary threshold
  • Work in an occupation where there are shortages of workers 

The opinion of Rapid Personnel

For many years, Rapid Personnel has enjoyed a close working relationship with EU migrants from a wide range of countries including Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal and many more. We have found the levels of dedication and work ethic of those individuals to be of the highest order. We value the contribution of every employee who has worked with us both past and present and we are very disappointed by the government’s decision to restrict access to work for future generations from all EU27 countries. Our door will be open to European citizens of all skill levels for the remainder of 2020 and we will continue to encourage as many people as possible to take the opportunity to secure their status and right to work with us in the UK. European citizens have been, and will remain, both our friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions about the new immigration rules, applying for pre-settled or settled status using the government portal, or would like to discuss career opportunities we have available for you, please feel free to contact us  without delay.



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