Sole agency Supplier

A food processing business based in a rural location in Oxfordshire with a very small local population and limited public transport.

The problem:

Low unemployment level in local area
Out of town, rural location with limited public transport makes attracting staff from further afield very challenging
High turnover of staff
Difficulty attracting additional staff for peak periods

Rapid Report:

Staff unable to reach client site using public transport for certain shifts
Low pay rates resulting in temporary workers leaving for locations closer to home as soon as opportunity presents itself.
Issues with workforce planning resulting in unpredictable requirements day to day meaning staff often booked for one or two days per week. This resulted in a high turnover of temporary staff in search of continuity and regular work/shift patterns.
Workforce planning issues resulting in lots of late agency staff orders and numerous agencies being engaged to deal with late demand.


Rapid recommended a sole agency supplier agreement meaning that everything could be managed and supplied by one company.
Implemented a transport service from out of town to increase the size of the labour pool
Introduced pay parity for temporary and permanent staff to encourage retention
Engaged with shift managers to improve workforce planning timelines, eliminating wild fluctuations in last minute orders. Initial orders are now placed two weeks in advance with minor adjustments made 4 days before staff are required.
A combination of better pay and workforce planning resulting in improved staff retention and overall satisfaction
Reduced administration for the client, who now only have to deal with one agency.
Monthly reports are provided, ensuring all stakeholders have visibility of performance and market insights.
Quarterly strategy meetings to ensure the client always remains abreast of changes in the labour market and can act quickly and decisively to remain ahead of the competition when attracting staff.