A Recruitment Managed Service (RMS) can help you manage a supplier base or supplement an internal resourcing team. It can also allow you to partially or fully outsource the recruitment of permanent and contingent resource.

Our solutions are designed to release capacity and resource back into your team.

Within the Recruitment Managed Services offering sit two distinct services. Managed Service Programmes (MSPs) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPOs).

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) finds you the very best talent while saving you time, money and hassle.

We bring together talent from multiple sources, identify the most appropriate people for your roles and present you with the best people from across the marketplace.

Known as a single engagement, multi-sourced model, we manage all your contractors and suppliers taking end-to-end responsibility for your contingent workforce.

You save time and money, complexity is reduced and you’ll still access the very best people. You also enjoy the benefits of:

  • a single contract
  • a single commercial model
  • uniform governance structures
  • consolidated invoicing
  • supplier management

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

An alternative to managing your own agency PSL, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) seamlessly integrates with your business to deliver the talent your business requires.

We provide you with a dedicated onsite team who will manage your talent attraction, acquisition and retention strategies for either or both your permanent and contingent workforce.

The RPO model can be blended with our MSP model for complete talent management.

Why Implement a MSP or RPO?

You need to support a cost-saving exercise.

A RMS can reduce costs on multiple levels.

If you’re overspending on suppliers or spend is unknown or inaccurate, a Recruitment Managed Solution can offer economies of scale and give you a single supplier through which to leverage volume against spend.

It can also help with benchmarking. If you’re unsure what you should be spending, this model ensures you’re paying the right marketplace rates.

In addition, if recruitment is being solely managed by your line managers, it can be an ineffective use of their time. Outsourcing the weight of this through a RMS removes this burden and the associated indirect costs.

Furthermore, advertising and marketing costs are transferred to your RMS supplier, saving you additional spend and time, whilst also delivering broader reach and wider penetration into the marketplace.

You need to increase capacity

If you’re about to experience a spike in recruitment and don’t have the internal capacity to support the exercise a RPO or MSP increases the capacity of your internal team, giving you the means to deliver on time and budget.

You want to improve your recruitment process

A broken recruitment process frustrates candidates and hiring manages and damages your employer brand. Acting as part of your team and as an ambassador of your brand, a MSP or RPO relieves the pressure with a ready-to-go solution that ensures an efficient recruitment process.

It is no longer the case that large and established organisations have the pick of the best talent, but rather those with an agile and engaging recruitment pathway.

With experienced RMS practitioners alongside you, you’ll notice an instant shift in your day-to-day processes and the ability to find and recruit the right people.

You need to improve compliance

How much are we spending? Is our workforce compliant? We need to replace our temporary workers with perms.

Recent changes in legislation make getting a handle on governance, spend and risk a priority. Reducing risk is one of the main drivers for implementing a MSP or RPO. A RMS offers you this insight through audits and reporting. Established and compliant processes ensure your workforce operates within the relevant laws and guidelines.

You want to replace contractors with perms.

Whether this decision is driven by cost, a change in your operational model or the desire to bring knowledge in-house, a RMS helps build your future workforce by facilitating planning through to talent attraction and acquisition.