We have been supplying businesses with temporary workers across Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire since 2002.

Our head office is in Reading, Berkshire with a further location in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

We have access to a large pool of registered, interviewed, reference checked staff available to work at short notice.

Our service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, allowing our customers to rest easy in the knowledge that we are always at the end of the phone and able to cover their staffing requirements quickly and efficiently.

To assist our contingency staffing operation we offer a number of services.

Bespoke customer inductions:

We conduct tailored inductions at our premises in a dedicated room with a Projector, LCD television screen and white boards.

Clients can provide us with information to be covered off site, we then complete this part of the process on their behalf.

This service saves significant time when new staff arrive on site and ensures that we are always providing suitable workers who are fully prepared and understand what is required to be successful at their new place of work.


We offer a subsided transport service to enable our staff to reach rural and semi-rural locations on business parks or at the edge of town.

Reliable transport makes life easy for our workers and it also opens up a wider pool of available staff to our clients.

Our transport service operates 24 hours per day ensuring we can cover all manner of shift patterns

Our minibuses are fully PSV licensed by the DVSA.

24 hour phones:

Downtime on a production line can damage fulfilment levels and hurt businesses financially. We offer a 24/7 phone line allowing our clients to reach us if they need to increase staffing levels.

We can react immediately to provide additional staff at very short notice, limiting the impact of any absence.

Our staff have a number they can call if they are sick or need to take time off at short notice. We are then in a position to replace them if necessary, meaning our clients do not suffer through their absence.

Data reporting:

Our clients receive a monthly report outlining our performance against their requirements.

Identifying and tracking trends allows us to plan for client peaks and for periods when we know additional attention will need to be spent on staff attraction and retention.

Digital registration:

Our registration process is digital. This speeds up our processes and response time, allowing us to react faster to client needs.

Our digital processes are encrypted meaning we can store all personal information safely and securely in line with our Data Protection Policy.

Inputting and storing all data electronically reduces our environmental impact removing the need to print large amounts of paperwork for each applicant.


We have relationships with most of the major online job boards and can tailor specific campaigns for our clients when the need arises. Our advertising budget is large and we receive improved rates from the job boards based on our usage. In addition, we also maintain a strong presence on social media in order to attract staff. As a company we encourage local workers to attend numerous networking and sign up events throughout the year. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the local labour market.

Market appraisals

Market reports are generated every six months and cover different regions within the UK.

These reports outline the salaries, benefits and temporary worker wages being paid to staff within the Food Manufacturing & Beverage, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Engineering & Machining industries.

The reports are available to all of our clients.