Managed Service Provider

A large food processing business based in Berkshire

The problem:

Over 30 permanent production vacancies unfilled
Issues with staff retention
Edge of town location with limited public transport
Over 35% agency staff utilisation in production facility
Poor calibre of agency workers

Rapid report:

Reliance on a recruitment agency based over 1 hour away meant that temporary staff were unable to accept permanent positions when they were offered.
Low pay rates meant quality staff were not being attracted to the roles
Disjointed training was resulting in new employees leaving
Poor communication was creating a negative environment and leading to a high turnover of staff in key positions.


Rapid recommended a Managed Service model utilising second tier suppliers based closer to the client site. This meant that all temporary workers would be able to accept permanent roles if/when offered.
Implemented a bonus for attendance to encourage workers to complete a full week and discourage them from seeking alternative employment. This also allowed the client to attract a higher calibre of staff into the business and meant that they avoided the additional cost if any staff were unreliable.
We provided in depth data to highlight staff reasons for leaving and identified poor training practices and unrealistic expectations as the key reasons.
We were able to raise awareness of the company’s lengthy recruitment process and time to hire. We suggested steps to reduce this workload for managers and also to minimise time taken to hire. The result has been quicker decision making and an improved hiring success rate.
As a MSP we provided a link between various departments within the business, allowing us to bridge the communication gap and improve processes.