Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage manufacturing sector is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. In terms of economic contribution, it accounts for 17% of all UK manufacturing GVA. As of 2018, 68% of the workforce is considered low or semi-skilled. One of the Food and Beverage sector’s defining characteristics is its national presence. It spans the length and breadth of the United Kingdom in terms of both employment and businesses. As a GLAA licenced supplier our focus is working with food and beverage manufacturers based in the South East where we have built long standing relationships with a number of companies each with unique requirements ranging from production line operatives to operations directors.

Logistics and supply chain operations

Our key focus is on warehousing and distribution. Over 200,000 people are employed in storage and warehousing in the UK, which is estimated to be 11% of the entire logistics sector workforce. Job roles range from warehouse assistants to managers, storekeepers, forklift truck drivers, order pickers and stock controllers. We work with numerous warehouse facilities in the South East, each with unique demands and requirements.

Engineering and machining

Engineering is of vital importance to the UK’s economy. 27% of enterprises in the UK are engineering related and the sector employs over 5.6 million people across a wide range of specialties. Across the entire sector there is currently a shortfall of almost 60,000 people per year to fill core engineering roles.
Our focus is on shop floor engineering. We work closely with manufacturing businesses with requirements for machine operators, setters, and programmers, as well as electrical and mechanical fitters, welders and joiners.